Barney Tibbals Cabin

In 1884, South Pass City became part of Fremont County. At that time several placer claims encompassing the area including South Pass City were established and owned by the Federal Gold Mining Company. These included the Wolverine, Lucky Boy, Victory, and Jeanette Lode claims. The Company permitted people to build on the land without buying it. Thus, if there were any records at all of these buildings they were contained in the records of the tax assessor.

In 1902, the Federal Gold Mining Company made a third plat of the town. This plat covered the area of the Wolverine Placer Claim which included approximately the western two-thirds of the original plat of South Pass City. The Company arranged with the owners of the buildings on the Wolverine Claim to give them the land upon which their buildings were located in exchange for one dollar, thus preventing any future court challenge. The Company sold the same plot of land to several owners in some instances. In addition, they changed the names of the streets in South Pass City.

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