Gold Drop Mine

The Gold Drop Mine is located on the east slope of Knob Hill ridge about one mile from the Knob Hill-Ironsides mine. It adjoins the Rawhide and Monarch to the south, and the Snowshoe to the east. The Gold Drop claim was staked by J. Hetu in 1893 and acquired by the Montreal and British Prospecting and Promoting Company, Limited Liability, which was incorporated in 1894. The company later sold the property to F.C. Innes, of Vancouver, and in 1899 the Gold Drop Mining Company, Limited, was incorporated to continue the development work.

The Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Campany Limited, purchased the Gold Drop group in 1905; the adjacent Monarch and Curlew claims were purchased in 1904 and 1907,respectively. Mining operations continued until July 1918 when the ore was exhausted and the mine closed. The property was acquired by R.L. Clothier and Arthur Proctor, of Vancouver, under the name “Gold Drop Syndicate” in about 1930. W. E. McArthur, of Greenwood, acquired the Gold Drop and adjacent properties in the late 1930’s. In 1951 Attwood Copper Mines Limited optioned the properties and carried out a 3 year program of geophysical and geochemical surveys and diamond drilling. Late in 1955 Granby repurchased part of the property formerly owned at Phoenix.

In 1900, 13 tons of ore were shipped for a recovery of 1 ounce of gold, 24 ounces of silver, and 919 pounds of copper.

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