The Rambler Mine

The former Rambler mine is located in the Rambler Creek basin, a southern tributary to McGuigan Creek, and was one of the more consistent producers from the Slocan mining district. It was first operated by the Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated Gold and Silver Mines Ltd. and was opened up by three crosscut tunnels, connecting with levels about 30 metres apart. 

In 1899, it was taken over by the Rambler-Cariboo Mines Ltd. Prior to 1904 development work and mining were confined to the upper eight levels, the lower five of which were connected with each other and with No. 3 adit level by a shaft 460 feet deep. A crosscut 4,500 feet long was driven from the valley of McGuigan creek 520 feet below No. 8 level. This level, No. 14, was subsequently connected by a raise with No. 8 level, and Nos. 9, 10 and 12 intermediate levels run above it. In 1921 the company suspended operations.

During the following years the property was worked intermittently by leasers. In 1947 the property was acquired by B.C. Slocan-Rambler Mines (1947) Ltd. and about 4,500 feet of diamond drilling completed. Tailings from the former Rambler mine at the confluence of McGuigan Creek with Seaton Creek were owned by the Sheep Creek Gold Mines Ltd. and optioned to Kootenay Belle Gold Mines Limited in 1950. Some of these tailings were shipped and processed at the Whitewater mill in 1950 and 1951.

The former Rambler mine produced continuously for 34 years from 1895 to 1935, then intermittently to 1951. During its mine life a total of 189,421 tonnes of ore was mined from which 108,959,934 grams silver, 839 grams gold, 327 kilograms copper, 10,527,871 kilograms lead and 2,654,696 kilograms zinc were recovered.

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