Jack Wade Dredge

The Jack Wade Dredge is located at Milepost 86, Taylor Highway.

This was a stacker type dredge with two flumes. It had 32 buckets of 4 1/2 cu. ft. capacity. It had a 150 horsepower boiler which powered four steam engines. The trommel screen is 22′ long with four sections. Two flumes led from the end of the trommel. A perforated pipe along the top and inside of the trommel carried water through to wash the gravel.

In 1907, it was freighted up the Fortymile from Dawson, where it was worked at Walker Fork at Twelve mile Creek. In 1909, it was moved to Uhler Creek where it was known as the Mulvane Dredge. In 1914, it was shut down. Then, in 1935, it was bought by American Mining Co. of Boston and moved to it’s present location, where the hull and bucket-line were replaced.

In 1940, it was sold to Wade Creek Dredging. A year later it was converted to diesel, and later that year was shut down permanently. Soon after, it was robbed for parts and now lies abandoned and deteriorating.

One of the first bucket-line dredges in the Fortymile mining district, this dredge worked longer than any other. The remains sit on what is considered by many as the richest creek in the district. The dredge would run ten days, 24 hours a day, then the sluice boxes would be cleaned. The best clean-up was about $30,000.

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