Meteor Mine

The Meteor property is situated on the northwesterly slope of the divide between Lemon and Springer creeks, 8 kilometres east of Slocan. Access to the property from the Slocan highway is via the Lemon Creek and Chapleau Creek roads. It is located at the 7,000 foot elevation at the head of Tobin Creek, a northerly- flowing tributary of Springer Creek, 5 miles east of the south end of Slocan Lake.

The showing was discovered and staked in 1895. J.A. Finch & associates optioned the property in 1896 and several carloads of high-grade ore were shipped the following year. Three claims, the Cultus, Ottawa No. 5, and Meteor were Crown-granted to Finch & associates in 1899. The vein was apparently not found in the lower adit and work ceased in about 1900. Lessees carried out intermittent exploration and development during the period 1905 to 1917. J.C. Buchanan acquired the property in 1919 and began driving No. 6 level adit; he continued the project in 1922 and 1923. Lessees worked the property in 1928 and intermittently from 1932 to 1940. Some ore shipments were made under the name Meteor Mining Company, which may have been an American incorporation. In the early 1930’s the owners of the property were reported to be E. Murphy and M.S. Mayfield. Development work to that date comprised 6 adits, of which the three lower ones totalled over 1,400 feet of drifts and crosscuts.

Cultus Explorations Ltd. was incorporated in May 1963 to acquire the above Crown-grants, and the Deadwood claim No. 6 level was rehabilitated for 800 feet and stoping and underground diamond drilling carried out. A 50 ton-per-day mill, installed near No. 6 adit, was put into operation in 1964. Drifting, crosscutting and raising during the year totalled 405 feet. The mine closed in November 1964. Lessees carried out some underground exploration work in 1967 and 1970.

Total production from the Meteor mine is 2,659 tonnes of ore yielding 4,724,994 grams of silver, 13,177 grams of gold and a small amount of lead and zinc.

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