1/4 Ounce Gold Paydirt



1/4 Ounce Guaranteed Gold!

We have had a few inquiries about larger bags, so here it is. It comes with a challenging amount of black sand and we will have a minimum of 1/4 Ounce of Beautiful fine gold in each bag.



These paydirt bags are loaded with thick black sand and various sizes of flour gold and small gold flakes. Due to the large amount of black sand, these bags are excellent to help calibrate and test fine gold equipment without going into the field. They also make a fun gold panning challenge for any would-be prospector or gold lover.

Because of the amount of black sand and the small but varied gold size, these paydirt bags are for the experienced gold panning enthusiast that wants to be challenged or individuals that want to improve there skills by working difficult material.

These beautiful gold concentrates come from the rivers and creeks in British Columbia. The gold is natural placer gold and is as found in nature. Flour gold is generally a very high percentage of gold but it will vary slightly in purity and mesh size.

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