Genuine Gold Paydirt
1.5 Grams Of Gold Guaranteed.
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Both challenging and rewarding, these bags are great for the beginner or seasoned pro. Contains nice chunky gold.

A Minimum Of 1.5 Grams Guaranteed!

NO BULL!         NO CRAP!       NO SCAMS!

Quality PayDirt With Guaranteed Gold Amounts.

The BEST GOLD Concentrates on the market. Period.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

4 thoughts on “THE BONANZA BLEND

  1. Graeme Robinson
    Winter is coming and the fever is still burning so I thought I would buy my first bag of paydirt… got the 1.5g Bonanza Bag. Five years I’ve been prospecting and never found a Nugget. Was blown away by the gold in the bag. 5 nice pickers, some small/fine and an amazing nugget. I couldn’t be happier. Will be ordering another bag today! Thank you!!!

  2. ordered one and it came fast. a really nice nugget that was 0.4 grams. great little flake and some pickers. total was 1.4 grams but I haven’t gone through the really fine stuff yet. all in all a nice bad, lots of black sands and fun to play with. may try the bigger bag next time!

  3. I just received my Bonanza blend pay dirt , it was here in three days. I panned it and was very happy to see the amount of gold I got , nice pickers and a nice nugget, I still have to finish going through the black sand to get the small flakes I see . I got 1.613 g . In total. I’m very happy with it and most likely will buy more !

  4. I was getting nervous when I really got down to the last bit in the pan but upon the reveal I was quite happy. One decent sized nugget, a bunch of smaller pickers and 3 or 4 very small chunky pieces. One rare oatmeal looking specimen as well that is absolutely stunning. That piece alone was very well worth the buy. Very little fine stuff. Looks to be quite high quality gold!

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