Genuine Gold Paydirt.
No Gimmicks! No Ripoffs! No Tricks!
3 Grams Of Chunky Gold Guaranteed.
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Both challenging and rewarding, these bags are great for the beginner or seasoned pro.

A Minimum Of 3 Grams Guaranteed!

NO BULL!         NO CRAP!       NO SCAMS!

Quality PayDirt With Guaranteed Gold Amounts.

The BEST GOLD Concentrates on the market. Period.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

3 thoughts on “THE ELDORADO BLEND

  1. I am suitably impressed with BC Gold Adventures. As a bit of a cripple meaning can’t stand or walk too long, 5 minutes at most. These bags of paydirt which I have now bought many (me wife is not smilin, but I am ) The gold found by just picking it out with tweezers takes longer but I am having a blast. Videos to be released this year, hopefully.

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