1.78 gram Raw Natural Canadian Gold Nugget

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1.78 gram Raw Natural Canadian Gold Nugget.

The mines in the Yukon only use water and no chemicals. This is the most ethical and eco-friendly way to mine.
All our nuggets are ecologically sourced from various creeks and rivers in the Yukon. They are ideally suited for use in jewellery or to add to your own collection as an investment piece.
CONDITION: All nuggets available for sale are unaltered items and have not been processed in any form or shape. All our nuggets come from placer mines in the Yukon.
PURITY: Nuggets have not been tested as this would require altering the product. Historically, the gold mines in the Yukon run between 79-91% purity. Some nuggets also contain quartz. The amount of gold in each nugget is therefore different.

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