Ultra Rich Paydirt


Nice Chunky Gold!.

No Gimmicks! No Ripoffs! No Tricks!

5 Grams Of Gold Guaranteed!

Our Best Seller! These bags are loaded with Gold!
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These Ultra-Rich Bags are our best seller. Both challenging and rewarding, these bags are great for the beginner or seasoned pro.

A Minimum Of 5 Grams Guaranteed!

NO BULL!         NO CRAP!       NO SCAMS!

Quality PayDirt With Guaranteed Gold Amounts.

The BEST GOLD Concentrates on the market. Period.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

One thought on “Ultra Rich Paydirt

  1. I bought the 5 gram pay dirt. Was able to screen and pick the 5.02 grams out of it with tweezers. Lots of big chunks you can pick out with your hands, lots of chunky smaller peaces that you will need tweezers for..
    I haven’t run it yet/ panned it.

    Over all nice stuff to play with.. i made it all into a bead today, probably going to mix it with everything eles and make a bar.

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